"Nothing compares with the meditative feeling that I experience in and under water. There is another world in water, and with cinematic means I can in a way paint parts of this sensation onscreen", says PV Lehtinen.

From his childhood experiences of cinematographic depictions of water, he remembers especially the film shot by the astronauts of Apollo 8, which he saw on TV as a small boy. Seen from the space, the Earth looked like a big blue ball, almost entirely covered by water. "Like a blue sapphire on black velvet", the astronauts described the beauty they saw, according to Lehtinen's recollection. PV Lehtinen also likes to study aesthetics and to take photographs. "How to depict water, when it can be anything, of any colour? It is a moving organism that has no exact visual definition", Lehtinen ponders.

Trivia: PV enjoys snorkeling, meeting new people and having a cup of green tea.

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